12 MW Pellet Power Plant
Jul 2019

ESE is the Owner’s Engineer for the development phase of a 12 MW wood pellet plant in Africa. ESE is helping its undisclosed customer in the thermal cycle optimization, technology selection of boiler and pellet handling system, layout and electrical design for permits, overall plant budgeting. Once built, the plant will deliver dispatchable renewable energy avoiding 60 thousand tons of carbon emissions per year

8 MW Cesano Maderno Cogeneration
Jun 2019

ESE is the Owner’s Engineer for the construction of a 8 MW cogeneration plant located in Cesano Maderno, Italy. E.ON Connecting Energies is the Owner of the plant, which will deliver electricity, steam and hot water to the Bracco pharmaceutical factory. The plant is composed of a 8 MW Gas Turbine and low-pressure steam Heat Recovery Steam Generator, and will deliver 42 GWh electricity and 88 GWh steam per year.

HRSG Troubleshooting
Mar 2019

ESE has been awarded the contract for troubleshooting of two HRSGs working behind SGT800 Gas Turbines. The HRSGs were encountering multiple shutdowns because of clogged filters, valve problems, pumps vibrations. ESE has been visiting the plant, finding root causes of the problems and recommending solutions to the plant owner.

70 MW Coal-to-CSP Conversion
Feb 2019

ESE has executed the feasibility study for conversion to CSP technology of a 70 MW coal fed plant located in Africa. The feasibility study involved preliminary design, performance estimation, study of CSP integration into the existing plant, cost estimation and business plan assessment of the resulting cost of electricity in different operating scenarios, involving direct steam and molten salt technologies.
Molten Salt Thermal Storage
Dec 2018

ESE has conducted a feasibility study for a Molten Salt Thermal Storage system for conventional plants. The technology grown in CSP field has been applied to a conventional cogenerative power plant to decouple electrical energy generation from steam generation and to make the plant more flexible. The study included the basic design of the system and the integration with the existing plant, the cost estimation based on budget offers from specialized molten salt equipment suppliers.
ESE-Intravis agreement
Oct 2018

ESE has signed a cooperation agreement with the Slovakian company Intravis, making ESE the exclusive promoter of Intravis gasification technology for the Italian market. Intravis technology gasifies woody biomass and agricultural waste to produce combustible gas, which can then be directed to thermal uses or burnt in an engine to produce electricity.
60-1170 MW Life Time Extension
Jun 2018

ESE has completed the Life Time Extension Assessment of 7 CCPP cogenerative plants of different nominal power between 60 and 1170 MW. The study included site visits, analysis of the report of the suppliers for the most critical equipment and discussion with them, the performance degradation evaluation and finally the identification of the necessary investment for the LTE.
MINOS CSP Tower Plant
May 2018

ESE has been awarded Owner’s Engineering Services for EPC Contractor selection by NUR Energie, for the MINOS CSP Plant. The MINOS Plant will be located in Crete, Greece and will produce 50 MWe based on tower technology and using a storage system with molten salt as heat storage fluid. The award of such contract is a source of great satisfaction and puts once again ESE among the top worldwide consulting companies in the field of Concentrated Solar Power.
MSR Receiver with AC Boilers
Feb 2018

ESE has signed a cooperation agreement with the Italian boiler manufacturer AC Boilers in the field of molten salt receivers. In this frame, ESE has made the tender design for the 700 MW DEWA and 800 MW Noor Midelt Power Plant molten salt receivers, and will be the designer in case of contract award to AC Boilers.
Jun 2017

ESE has been awarded the Owner Engineering Services for the Sugat Cogenerative Combined Cycle P.P. (70 MW) by the Israeli Company Alon Energy Center (AEC). The Plant is located in Kiryat Gat, in the Southern District of the State of Israel and will be executed in a time span of two years. The Award of such Contract represents a source of great satisfaction for ESE, that has been supporting AEC from the very early stage of the project and it is a further demonstration of the Validity of ESE References in this field.
Apr 2016

ESE has been awarded the Owner Engineering Services for the Cogenerative Combined Cycle P.P. Ramat Gabriel (70 MW) and Alon Tavor (70 MW) by the Israeli Company RD Energy Ltd. The Award of such Contract, after a competition with Major International Firms, represents a further demonstration of the Validity of ESE References in this field
Nov 2015

ESE has been awarded the Owner Engineering Services for a Biomass District Heating Power Plant (5 MWel + 20 MWth) by Building Energy S.p.A. The Plant is located in Krusevac, Serbia. The Award of such Contract, after a competition with other Italian Firms, represents a demonstration of the ESE Capabilities in the Owner Engineering Field related to Biomass Plants.

Aug 2015

We are pleased to announce the completion of Porcari Power Plant Project. Our Owner Engineering Services for DS Smith have contribuited to the successfull Revamping of the Cogenerative Combined Cycle (100 MW) located in Tuscany, Italy. The respect of project time schedule as well as the Customer satisfaction are a further demonstration of ESE Capabilities in this field.
Jun 2015

ESE has been awarded a Grant Agreement under the Horizon 2020 programme, to provide engineering services for a Molten Salt Once-through Steam Generator to be used in Concentrated Solar Power plants. The project aims to improve predictability and flexibility of Concentrated Solar Power plants. With this Award, ESE consolidates its position at the forefront of Concentrated Solar Power technology.