ESE helps you to realize your power production projects. We deliver complete technical and feasibility studies, basic and advanced designs up to tender documents preparation and business plans.

Among the services we offer, Owner’s engineering service is the one that made us known for the high competence and experience.

Concentrated solar Power (CSP)

ESE is at the forefront of the development of dispatchable renewable energy technology thanks to its involvement in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP).

Concentrated Solar Power plants capture the energy of the sun and convert it into heat, finally generating steam that powers a steam turbine to produce electricity.

The advantage over traditional photovoltaics is their predictability and dispatchability: solar energy gathered when the sun is shining can be stored in a thermal medium and then used at any time during the day and the night to produce clean, safe, dispatchable electricity promoting stability and balancing of the grid.

ESE has been and currently is an internationally renowned player in the field of CSP, having been at the core of technology development for the first wave of direct steam plants and being at the core of future molten salt systems, with design capagbility of both the storage system as well as the molten salt steam generator.

Engineering leader since more than a decade, having been spanning the whole range of technologies – fresnels, troughs, towers, – ESE is capable to provide extremely variable services, from feasibility studies to support in technology assessment, from equipment engineering to cycles and plant development.

ESE has developed and can develop CSP solutions for power generation and also thermal steam uses, such as Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery and Solar Thermal Desalination.

“Its expertise in CSP combined with the high-level consultancy background makes ESE the Owner’s engineer of choice for your CSP projects”.


Knowledge-based solutions with you for the additional services you can need for your power production project.

Due Diligence and Energy Audit


ESE supports the investors in the Due Diligence of existing plant, analysing the plant conditions and estimating the expected remaining life and the values of the assets.
When requested, the Due Diligence activity also includes the study for a rehabilitation program, evaluating the possible plant improvements and the relevant economic and performance impact.
ESE also performs Due Diligence of projects under development to verify the status of the initiative, possible hidden problems or potential unexpected issues.


ESE performs Energy Audits for power/industrial installations, performing the analysis of the plant’s processes and the relevant heat/cold and power needs, and reviewing the electrical and thermal consumptions.
One of the most important goal of this activity is the optimization of the process, the reduction of the consumptions and the improvement of the total energy conversion efficiency.
Inside the European Union, the Energy Audit is performed by certified Energy Management Expert (UNI CEI 11339) following the European Directive on Energy Efficiency Dir 2012/27 / EU, that entered into force on 4 December 2012 and the correspondent Italian Legislative