Kompozyt EXPO and Hydrogen pilot KOM
Oct 2022

On the 28th and 29th of September at the Kompozyt EXPO, in Krakow, the 11th International Trade Fair for Composite Materials, Technologies and Products took place. On this occasion, invited by the LE2C through the Vanguard initiative, Laura Semprini from ESE presented the Company’s point of view on Hydrogen. 

Together with the CEO Michele Ferrazzini, they clarified how the incentives coming from the EU and the will of decarbonization coming from Italian industries are pushing the development of H2 technologies in Italy. At the same time, they explained the main difficulties encountered in the last 3 years in the development of a green H2 production plant.

ESE’s experience and best practices opened the way to its participation in the Hydrogen Pilot, coordinated by LE2C, representing the Lombardy Region, together with Slovenia and Poland. The goal is to develop, together with other European regions, hydrogen-related projects and to create a shared hydrogen knowledge, with particular attention to SMEs.

ENEA “Hydrogen Summer School”
Sep 2022

From 21 to 23 September 2022, it was held the first edition of the “Hydrogen Summer School", organized at the ENEA research center “la Casaccia”. 

Together with 30 selected young professionals in the hydrogen sector, Ph.D. students, and researchers, Laura Semprini from ESE had the opportunity to participate in various lectures held by experts from the industrial and academic world who are actively contributing to the integration of hydrogen in our society. 

In addition, she had the opportunity to visit the Hydrogen Valley laboratories and participate in several interactive sessions. Among the presenters: ENEA, MiTE, University of Rome La Sapienza, RSE, CNR, ENEL Green Power, Yara Clean Ammonia, ENI, ANSALDO, Solid Power, Alstom, Iveco, and Toyota.

Due diligence Careggi Hospital Tri-generation plant
May 2022

ESE has been selected by S.ENE.CA. S.r.l. as technical consultant for the due diligence activities associated with the hospital tri-generation plant in Careggi, Florence. 

The aim of the study is to provide a clear picture of the plant evolution, starting from its conceptual design to today’s status up to its future development. 

The analysis will highlight the areas of environmental, performance and O&M potential risks which may constitute an obstacle for satisfying the hospital energy demand up to 2030.

ESE would be glad to continue its collaboration with S.ENE.CA. and provide its technical support for optimizing the plant performance and help reducing the energy bill for the benefit of the hospital and the entire community.

Technical feasibility study of a 600 MW green hydrogen production plant
Apr 2022

ESE is glad to announce that it has been involved in the feasibility stage of a 600 MW green hydrogen production plant. The project is carried out by the Apulian start-up Hope srl and consists in the production of hydrogen from the energy generated by an off-shore wind farm located on Apulian cost. 

The preliminary sizing of the electrolysis plant already comprises technical and commercial assessments which represent a challenge as such a plant size has not been deployed in any part of the world. 

ESE joins H2IT – Associazione Italiana Idrogeno e Celle a Combustibile
Mar 2022

ESE, in partnership with Stream – Energy and Environment, is glad to share that it has officially joined H2IT – Associazione Italiana Idrogeno e Celle a Combustibile (hydrogen and fuel cells Italian association).

If you want to discover more about our activities, you can also find us on the 2022 Hydrogen Guide by EIOM.

Technical support for a reheated bagasse power plant
Feb 2022

ESE is supporting Inka's Boiler for the development of an innovative cogenerative biomass power plant in Brazil, fuelled by bagasse, a waste product of the sugar industry which is very well spread and developed in the area.

The project is developed in collaboration with the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP). 

The power plant shall produce electricity and steam needed from the sugaring process and its innovative design consists in the implementation of a reheating section in order to enhance the plant efficiency.

ESE is providing technical support for the design of the boiler and for the improvement of the thermodynamic cycle of the plant. 

Due diligence for a Combined Cycle power plant located in Ghana
Jan 2022

ESE is technically supporting its Client to provide an evaluation of the status of two Power Plants — two existing combined cycles that were formerly located in Italy and then transported and reconstructed in Ghana.

However, the plants never achieved mechanical completion. ESE therefore aims at identifying possible critical aspects to be further investigated before commissioning and progress of the works.

The focus and objective of the due diligence are related to the simple cycle components only.

A final report will be carried out after a dedicated site visit took place.

East Hagit Technical Advisory Services
Dec 2021

Israel’s electricity market is undergoing significant changes in the wake of a 2018 structural reform. Indeed, as part of the reform, Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) – the state-owned utility company – is selling part of its power generation sites to private Independent Power Producers (IPP’s).

In this context, Noy Fund and Shapir decided to embrace the opportunity and partecipate to the tender for purchasing the East Hagit Power Plant (660 MW) supported by an O&M Contractor and a LTSA Contractor.

As technical consultant, ESE supported Noy Fund and Shapir through the negotiation and tender preparation process partecipating to the following activities:

– Technical due diligence

– Evaluation of optimization opportunities for the existing plant

– Evaluation of technical alternatives to increase the plant capacity

– Support for bid preparation

Performance tests for the revamping of Cassano d’Adda CCPP (750 MW)
Nov 2021

ESE and CESI have been requested by A2A to supervise as a third party the performance tests required for the revamping of A2A’s Cassano d’Adda Combined Cycle Power Plant (750 MW). Revamping includes important interventions on the Gas Turbines (GE-9E) and the Steam Turbine, to increase the capacity and the efficiency of the Power Plant. 

ESE and CESI verified the consistency of the procedures with the contractual obligations, the reference standards and the plant configuration. The scope of work also includes the analysis of the instrumentation calibration certificates, the correct identification of the thermal cycle insulation points, the supervision of the tests and the verification of the final report. 

Several performance tests have been conducted: base load, 70%-part load and N2 packing leakage test. The last one has the purpose of determining the steam which leaks from the first stage of the HP turbine to the IP turbine bowl along the N2 shaft packing and the IP turbine section corrected efficiency.

In addition, a model of the plant has been built with the modelling software Thermoflex, to recalculate the correction curves issued by the Contractor.

Lifetime extension study of a thermal power plant
Oct 2021

ESE, in partnership with STREAM, has been awarded by CESI the lifetime extension study of a thermal power plant built in the early 2000s.

The aim of the study was also to investigate on the possible increase of the number of stops and start-ups of the plant, to be aligned with the new requirements of the energy market concerning energy production from fossil fuels.

An assessment on the status of the plant has been performed, in particular for the electro-mechanical part and the MV and HV distribution lines.

Moreover, the necessary corrective actions to achieve the desired improvements were identified at a design level and verified through a dedicated site visit.

Finally, the total investment cost and the financial return of such measures were quantified.

Due diligence of ERG Hydro Power Plants fleet
Jul 2021

ESE, as a part of STREAM consortium, conducted a due diligence of ERG Hydro Power Plants fleet in Central Italy. In particular, electro-mechanical aspects were investigated to evaluate plants status and future developments. Together with STREAM, also civil, safety and legal aspect were examined, underlying the impact of the close future changes in Italian legislation about water concessions.

Moreover, site visits were conducted for the 7 major hydro plants of the fleet, gathering important information. For the whole fleet, an analysis of databases and historical data was also carried out.

With this project, ESE continues its growth as a consulting company for sustainable energy production, always respecting the use of water resources.

In the picture: Francis turbines from Cotilia power plant.

Agreement between ESE and Azerbaijan’s Energy Ministry for the improvement of the Country’s hydro resources
Jun 2021

ESE and Energy Ministry of Azerbaijan Republic have signed a contract for the assessment of the hydro resources use in the Country's energy system.

The study is aimed at identifying the most suitable strategies for a smart resources exploitation.

ESE will also analyze the current power plants cooling systems, with the purpose of optimizing their water consumption and identifying the necessary modernization interventions.

Moreover, suggestions for the optimization of frequency control of the Country's energy grid will be provided, taking into consideration new and existing power plants and the possibility of energy storage systems adoption.

With this project, ESE consolidates its role in the energy transition field, focusing on the rational use of natural resources and their valorization.

Study on decarbonization of Gualapack industries
May 2021

ESE, in partnership with REF_E, is performing a study on the way of decarbonization for Gualapack industrial sites of Alessandria and Piacenza. The study will be a reference and a guideline for all the Gualapack sites all around the world. 

The combined experiences by ESE on the engineering side and by REF_E on the market side propose a new integrated concept of support, starting from the project definition, optimization up to the execution. 

Development of a 42-MW pumping-hydro Power Plant
May 2021

ESE is glad to share that it has been commissioned with the development of a new 42-MW pumping-hydro Power Plant.

In particular, ESE will take care of the development of the electro-mechanical side of the project, keeping also an eye on environmental aspects and economic optimization.

ESE proves again to be a reference point for the study of energy storage solutions among Italian companies.

Consulting for EAC Generation Development/Expansion Plan
Apr 2021

ESE, in partnership with CESI, will be consulting the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) for EAC Generation Development/Expansion Plan.

Specifically, ESE will be in charge of the Conceptual Design of three power stations. 

Moreover, ESE will perform a Cost Benefit Analysis and Feasibility Study for the next power generation units.

ESE – The Italian Innovation
Mar 2021

We are extremely pleased to announce that ESE has been selected among the representatives of Italian excellence in the field of renewables.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is carrying out a campaign called “The Italian innovation" to promote Italian industries operating in the renewable field at international level.

In collaboration with ENEA, it has been produced a video showing all the selected Companies for this campaign.
Have a look at it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlJEDRcp6VI

This is a huge aknowledgment for our Company and we are happy to share it with you!

Commissioning and Performance Test for Alon Tavor and Ramat Gabriel
Feb 2021

ESE as Owner’s Engineer has given on-site support to Rapaci Energy team for the commissioning and performance test phases for Alon Tavor and Ramat Gabriel Co-Generation Power Plants (73 MWe + 40 tons/h steam each).

The successful operation of both plants is of primary importance for ESE that has been following both projects during the conception, design, and construction stages.

The collaboration with Rapaci is now continuing with the development of a prediction model for the plants performances as function of ambient conditions and exported steam.

A comparison study on energy storage technologies
Jan 2021

ESE performed for an important Israeli electricity market player a comparison study on a wide range of technologies:  Compressed Air, Pumped-Hydro energy storage systems, Li-ion and Flow Batteries.

The aim was to assess the most suitable technology for a 200 MW/800 MWh stand alone energy storage plant.

Mini-hydro power plant in Parco Lambro (Milan)
Dec 2020

Thanks to our partner Steam, the new mini-hydro power plant in Parco Lambro (Milan) is now able to produce 1500 kWh of renewable energy.

These are the numbers of the screw turbine adopted: 12.5 ton of weight, 3.5 m of diameter and 12 m of lenght.

The plant will satisfy the needs of more than 1,000 people and will avoid the emission of 250 tons of CO2 per year.

Discover more at http://www.stream21.it/

Technical bid assistance for South Africa’s RMIPPPP
Nov 2020

ESE has collaborated with Red Rocket South Africa (Pty) Ltd. on the preparation of its technical documentation to participate in South Africa’s Risk Mitigation Independent Power Producers’ Procurement Programme (RMIPPPP).

ESE has provided technical assistance to facilitate Red Rocket’s preparation to bid two hybrid (thermal + photovoltaic + battery storage) power plants.

Application of molten salts in petrochemical processes
Oct 2020

ESE is working with a petrochemical multinational company to the application of molten salt as a temperature control fluid for their high-temperature processes.

ESE provided consultancy services for the design and operation of two small scale molten salt pilot plants.

It was then assessed a feasibility study and costs for a commercial application (> 5 MWth) were estimated, comparing different options for heat supply: gas, electricity, solar PV and solar CSP.

Feasibility study of a concrete-based thermal storage
Sep 2020

ESE completed the feasibility study of a 200 MWhth concrete-based thermal storage for conventional cogenerative power plants.

The study has analyzed the functionality of the system, the interface with the conventional plant, the related capex, opex and performances. Moreover, it has been developed a cost and performance comparison between concrete-based and molten salts thermal storage.

Dalia Battery Storage for Combined Cycle Power Plant
Aug 2020

ESE, through its Energy Storage Business Unit, is glad to work as advisor for the Israel’s largest private power producer, Dalia Power Energies Ltd, by carrying out a study for the integration of a Battery Energy Storage System with the existing Combined Cycle Power Plant. This study comprises all stages, from technology evaluation and technical specifications development to contractors’ proposals assessment.

Etgal 186 MW Open Cycle
Jul 2020

Shikun & Binui Energy reached financial closing for Etgal 186MW Open Cycle in Ashdod, Israel. It is a source of great satisfaction for ESE that has been following the project as Owner’s Engineer from the very early stage of the project. ESE will continue to give its support during execution phase and is willing to go through next steps with Shikun & Binui team.

Innovative CSP industrial applications
Jun 2020

ESE has been collaborating for almost one year with Carbon Capture, an Idealab Studio company, to develop advanced solutions for CSP applications in industrial fields. Innovative solar receivers coupled with different HTFs and storage solutions are investigated in a challenging but exciting project ESE is proud of be part of.

ESE joins STREAM as a new partner
May 2020

ESE is proud to announce its partnership with STREAM – Energy and Environment, an association counting 6 companies experienced in solar, hydrolectric and storage technologies. We aim to combine our experience to provide complete and efficient solutions in the renewables market. Discover more here.

Horizon 2020 VIDA grant
Jan 2020

ESE has has received funding within the Horizon 2020 VIDA project (Value Added Innovation in Food Chains), to study innovative gasification systems for the valorization of agricultural waste. The VIDA project aims to improve the use and efficiency of water, food and energy in the food chains.

With this study, ESE is investigating advanced gasifier designs and high efficiency syngas filtration systems, to improve the reliability of biomass gasification plants.

Electrolysis Feasibility Study
Dec 2019

ESE completed a feasibility study for application of an electrolysis system to a conventional power plant, analysing alkaline and PEM technologies for a 1400 kg/h hydrogen flow application. The study aims to assess the potential advantages of generating hydrogen from excess electricity today and in the future, exploiting the projected cost decrease of the technology and comparing the relative pros and cons of the two technologies.

Nov 2019

President Xi Jinping and Greek Prime Minister Mizutakis supervised the signature of the Cooperation Agreement for MINOS 50MW Tower CSP among financing party, EPC contractor, project developer and local construction company followed by the signature of the EPC contract. ESE continues its involvement in the project as Owner’s Engineer during the execution phase. More information at http://helioscsp.com/greece-minos-50mw-tower-concentrated-solar-power-project-epc-contract-awarded/.

450 MW ISO Combined Cycle Basic Design
Aug 2019

ESE has been awarded the basic design of a 450MW ISO Combined Cycle located in Middle-East. The power plant will produce 450 MW of electricity with 1 Gas Turbine and 1 Steam Turbine. ESE will complete the basic engineering phase of the project and will review the detailed engineering phase carried out by another company.

12 MW Pellet Power Plant
Jul 2019

ESE is the Owner’s Engineer for the development phase of a 12 MW wood pellet plant in Africa. ESE is helping its undisclosed customer in the thermal cycle optimization, technology selection of boiler and pellet handling system, layout and electrical design for permits, overall plant budgeting. Once built, the plant will deliver dispatchable renewable energy avoiding 60 thousand tons of carbon emissions per year.

8 MW Cesano Maderno Cogeneration
Jun 2019

ESE is the Owner’s Engineer for the construction of a 8 MW cogeneration plant located in Cesano Maderno, Italy. E.ON Connecting Energies is the Owner of the plant, which will deliver electricity, steam and hot water to the Bracco pharmaceutical factory. The plant is composed of a 8 MW Gas Turbine and low-pressure steam Heat Recovery Steam Generator, and will deliver 42 GWh electricity and 88 GWh steam per year.

HRSG Troubleshooting
Mar 2019

ESE has been awarded the contract for troubleshooting of two HRSGs working behind SGT800 Gas Turbines. The HRSGs were encountering multiple shutdowns because of clogged filters, valve problems, pumps vibrations. ESE has been visiting the plant, finding root causes of the problems and recommending solutions to the plant owner.

70 MW Coal-to-CSP Conversion
Feb 2019

ESE has executed the feasibility study for conversion to CSP technology of a 70 MW coal fed plant located in Africa. The feasibility study involved preliminary design, performance estimation, study of CSP integration into the existing plant, cost estimation and business plan assessment of the resulting cost of electricity in different operating scenarios, involving direct steam and molten salt technologies.
Molten Salt Thermal Storage
Dec 2018

ESE has conducted a feasibility study for a Molten Salt Thermal Storage system for conventional plants. The technology grown in CSP field has been applied to a conventional cogenerative power plant to decouple electrical energy generation from steam generation and to make the plant more flexible. The study included the basic design of the system and the integration with the existing plant, the cost estimation based on budget offers from specialized molten salt equipment suppliers.
ESE-Intravis agreement
Oct 2018

ESE has signed a cooperation agreement with the Slovakian company Intravis, making ESE the exclusive promoter of Intravis gasification technology for the Italian market. Intravis technology gasifies woody biomass and agricultural waste to produce combustible gas, which can then be directed to thermal uses or burnt in an engine to produce electricity.
60-1170 MW Life Time Extension
Jun 2018

ESE has completed the Life Time Extension Assessment of 7 CCPP cogenerative plants of different nominal power between 60 and 1170 MW. The study included site visits, analysis of the report of the suppliers for the most critical equipment and discussion with them, the performance degradation evaluation and finally the identification of the necessary investment for the LTE.
MINOS CSP Tower Plant
May 2018

ESE has been awarded Owner’s Engineering Services for EPC Contractor selection by NUR Energie, for the MINOS CSP Plant. The MINOS Plant will be located in Crete, Greece and will produce 50 MWe based on tower technology and using a storage system with molten salt as heat storage fluid. The award of such contract is a source of great satisfaction and puts once again ESE among the top worldwide consulting companies in the field of Concentrated Solar Power.
MSR Receiver with AC Boilers
Feb 2018

ESE has signed a cooperation agreement with the Italian boiler manufacturer AC Boilers in the field of molten salt receivers. In this frame, ESE has made the tender design for the 700 MW DEWA and 800 MW Noor Midelt Power Plant molten salt receivers, and will be the designer in case of contract award to AC Boilers.
Jun 2017

ESE has been awarded the Owner Engineering Services for the Sugat Cogenerative Combined Cycle P.P. (70 MW) by the Israeli Company Alon Energy Center (AEC). The Plant is located in Kiryat Gat, in the Southern District of the State of Israel and will be executed in a time span of two years. The Award of such Contract represents a source of great satisfaction for ESE, that has been supporting AEC from the very early stage of the project and it is a further demonstration of the Validity of ESE References in this field.
Apr 2016

ESE has been awarded the Owner Engineering Services for the Cogenerative Combined Cycle P.P. Ramat Gabriel (70 MW) and Alon Tavor (70 MW) by the Israeli Company RD Energy Ltd. The Award of such Contract, after a competition with Major International Firms, represents a further demonstration of the Validity of ESE References in this field
Nov 2015

ESE has been awarded the Owner Engineering Services for a Biomass District Heating Power Plant (5 MWel + 20 MWth) by Building Energy S.p.A. The Plant is located in Krusevac, Serbia. The Award of such Contract, after a competition with other Italian Firms, represents a demonstration of the ESE Capabilities in the Owner Engineering Field related to Biomass Plants.

Aug 2015

We are pleased to announce the completion of Porcari Power Plant Project. Our Owner Engineering Services for DS Smith have contribuited to the successfull Revamping of the Cogenerative Combined Cycle (100 MW) located in Tuscany, Italy. The respect of project time schedule as well as the Customer satisfaction are a further demonstration of ESE Capabilities in this field.
Jun 2015

ESE has been awarded a Grant Agreement under the Horizon 2020 programme, to provide engineering services for a Molten Salt Once-through Steam Generator to be used in Concentrated Solar Power plants. The project aims to improve predictability and flexibility of Concentrated Solar Power plants. With this Award, ESE consolidates its position at the forefront of Concentrated Solar Power technology.